Penghu B&B‧Summer Timeph
  • Summer Timeph B&B is located in Makung downtown, Penghu. The B&B is close to Penghu Airport and vicinity scenic spots.
    The hostel has owned comfortable environment and delicate rooms. Visitors will be taken a load of wonderful memories when going back home.
  • 2a Seaview Suite

    There are 2 windows in the south side and a huge balcony in the west side of the suite. Visitors can enjoy wonderful seaview from the room. The suite is decorated in light brownish and presented in way of elegant.
  • 2b Seaview Suite

    There is a huge balcony in the room which will allow you to admire amazing sunset view. The room is decorated in purple. Visitors will be immersed in the delicate and charming surroundings.
  • 2d View Suite

    You can overlook a little garden from the room. There’s also a small balcony in the east side of the suite. The room is decorated with blue and white. Staying at the room will make you immerse in the marine lifestyle.
  • Summer Night View

    Visitors can admire charming sunset and seaview from the balcony on top floor of the accommodation. The enchanting view will enthralls your eyes.
  • Romantic Corner

    The accommodation has decorated with colorful wall painting. The painting has made the whole environment even more lively.
  • Flavorful Breakfast

    Visitors can enjoy locally breakfast waking up in the hostel. The owner uses locally sourced ingredients to make flavorsome breakfast for visitors. You will start your day right with the delicious meal.
  • Information

    ‧TraNews readers can enjoy 200 dollars off staying for the second day upon presenting valid coupon.
    ‧Coupon: You can print out the coupon on the right hand of the webpage.

    ◎Room rate
    《Weekday》Monday-Thursday   《Holiday》Friday, Saturday, Sunday and consecutive holidays

    【Room】     【Numbers of Bed】 【Person】 【Weekday room rate】 【Holiday room rate】
    ‧2a Seaview Suite   1 twin bed       2       2200NTD      2600NTD
    ‧2b Seaview Suite   1 twin bed      2       2000NTD     2400NTD
    ‧2c Delicate Suite   1 twin bed      2       1800NTD      2200NTD
    ‧2d View Suite     1 twin bed     2       1800NTD      2200NTD
    ‧4a Delicate Suite   2 twin beds     4       2600NTD      3200NTD
    ‧There will be an additional per bed charge at the rate of 500NTD.
    ‧To maintain better quality, the accommodation does not recommend you to add another bed in the room.
    ‧For more accurate information of room rates, please call the hostel.

    【Amenity 】
    ‧Premium bedding, quit, pillow, individual toilet, TV, AC, internet, hair dryer, sofa, slippers, toiletry
     (shampoo, toothbrush, towel, shower gel)

    ■Booking rooms
    .Booking hotline: 0987-580656, 06-9950567 Mr. Hsu
    .Remit information: Land Bank Penghu Branch/ Account Number: 040001103263/ Account Name: Summer Timeph 
    ‧Please prepay 50% of deposit after booking the room in 3 days. You will be disqualified if remittance is passed 8pm.
     Please callus after remitting.
    ‧No deposit will be returned if cancellation is made in 3 days .
    ‧50% of deposit will be returned if cancellation is made in 3-10 days.
    ‧Full deposit will be returned if cancellation is made 10 days prior.(service fee 100 NTD will be charged)
    ‧Full deposit will be returned or change of date will be placed if there is natural disaster.
    ‧Free shuttle from airport or port.
    ‧Free internet
    ‧Free BBQ Spot
    ◎Travel information
    ‧Travel in Penghu:

    ◎Chinese version:澎湖民宿推薦‧夏天來了民宿

    Address: No.250, Suogang, Magong City, Penghu County 880, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  • 營業電話:06-9950567、0987580656